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aizome Beeswax wrap with Flower of life design

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aizome Beeswax wrap with flower of life

Size:30 cm square

They have many benefits from aizome, beeswax and flower of life. Beeswax wrap is the best alternative to disposable plastic wrap.

  • reducing odor of foods
  • shutting down sunshine
  • all organic materials used
  • keeping fresh vegetables
  • washable with lukewarm water so you can use this approximately one year
  • improving immune system from power of Flower of life

Worldwide delivery

Note: Please do not use beeswax wrap with microwave and avoid to use for hot or sticky foods.  

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  • 食べ物の臭いをおさえます
  • 日光を遮断します
  • 自然素材でつくられてます
  • 野菜を新鮮に保ちます
  • 使用後ぬるま湯で洗って何度も洗って約一年ほど使えます
  • 免疫力を高めるフラワーオブライフの効力




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