Japan workshop

Saturday Workshops/ aizome tie dye, DIY beeswax wrap or kid`s workshop

販売価格 価格 $28.88 通常価格 単価  あたり 

税込 配送料は購入手続き時に計算されます。

Our workshops are currently unavailable. We hope we can see you soon...

Would you like to create arts on Saturday morning? We will hold one of our workshops, such as aizome tie dye workshop, DIY beeswax wrap workshop or kid`s tie dye workshop on Saturday morning when we have enough people.

Please send me a form if you are interested,we will contact you as soon as we have minimum number(4 people)

土曜日の朝に何かクリエイティブなことをしてみませんか?絞り藍染めワークショップ、蜜蠟ラップワークショップ、またはキッズ絞り染めワークショップのどれかを最小人数 2 人が集まれば土曜日の朝に行います。


Date Any Saturdays
Time 9:30~12:30
Min 2 people

One of workshops you can choose

  • aizome tie dye (A$28.88pp)
  • DIY beeswax wrap making(A$36pp)
  • Kid`s tie dye (A$24.44pp)
How to request


Please send us a form, we will contact you as soon as we have minimum number of people.